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Tips to Make Articulation Therapy Fun and Effective

Articulation Therapy

When I provide articulation therapy, I do so using a drill like approach. My goal is to get as many productions as possible, while still providing specific feedback. I aim for at least 100 productions each session.

Tip #1: Choose reinforcers and activities that are quick

The goal is to get as many productions as possible in one session. To accomplish that, I choose to use reinforcers and activities that are quick but also motivating to the student.

Tip #2: Present stimuli in a unique way

Often times when we think of drill work, we think of flash cards. I think flash cards are an effective and easy way to present target words to students, but flashcards are BORING. If I use flash cards I make sure to present them in a unique way.


Place flashcards in a slinky

Sensory Bin

Place cards or objects in a sensory bin


Write target words on dice, roll another dice to determine number of productions. You can also pair this with a board game.


Some students are motivated by reaching a high number or simply getting to use the clicker while practicing their words.

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