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Spooky Halloween Sensory Bin Using Spaghetti

I love incorporating sensory bins into therapy sessions! Sensory bins provide endless opportunities to elicit language from children of all ages. I used this sensory bin with children ages 3-12 and it was a hit with every age!

How To Make:

  1. Cook spaghetti noodles (do not overcook or they will become mushy)
  2. Drain noodles and separate into bowls (one for each color)
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring to wet noodles and stir
  4. Combine noodles in large container
  5. Add objects


I went to the dollar store and picked up as many halloween related objects and trinkets that I could find. I added eyeballs, vampire teeth, plastic spiders and skeletons (linked online options here)

For children that may not enjoy the texture of this sensory bin, I provided utensils that allowed them to grasp the objects without touching the noodles. I provided large tweezers, tongs, and a spoon (linked here).

How I incorporate speech goals:

  • Label objects
  • Describe objects
  • Describe textures
  • Sort objects into categories
  • Expand MLU “I found a _______”
  • Wh- questions
  • Make associations between objects
  • Compare and contrast objects
  • Say target word before picking something out of sensory bin

Other Sensory Bin Ideas:

Follow the.sensory.bin on instagram for LOTS of creative sensory bin ideas! She has lots of fall themed sensory bin ideas you can use as inspiration!

This is not sponsored, I have followed this account for a long time and I am amazed by her creativity!

Here are some additional sensory bin fillers, containers, objects, and utensils that I found on amazon!

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