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Interactive Magic Floating Objects-Spooky Scenes

Fun Halloween themed activity that my students are LOVING!

What you will need…

  • Green background (table cloth from the dollar store, felt, a green sheet)
  • Paint sticks (I found extra long sticks at Walmart)
  • Green duct tape (make sure it is the same shade of green as your background for best results)
  • object cut outs
  • background images uploaded to zoom to set as virtual background

How does a green screen work?

I created a “cheat sheet” with step by step instructions and helpful tips that will teach you everything you need to know about using a green screen! Also join the Green Screen Speech Therapy facebook group for tons of ideas and how to videos. You can get my cheat sheet for FREE by subscribing to my email list.

How I used this activity in therapy…

I pulled up a spooky background like the spider web and I asked the students, “What is behind me?”.

I asked the students to let me know if they saw anything spooky flying around. When the pictures are on the green sticks, the sticks disappear making it look like the pictures are floating or flying.My students thought this was so funny and didn’t want therapy to end! I incorporated a variety of goals into this session…articulation, expanding MLU, wh- questions, actions, imitation, labeling, eliciting spontaneous speech… the opportunities are endless!

Here are the backgrounds I used below:

(I do not own these pictures)

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