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Make a Jack-o-Lantern Green Screen

I told my students they were going to help me carve a pumpkin and they immediately got excited! I have used this activity with all of my preschool students and have managed to target a variety of goals!

What do you need?

  • Green screen (mine is felt)
  • Cut out shapes (I used a die cut machine)
  • Sticky tack or velcro
  • Virtual background- picture of pumpkin

*I do not own this photo

Not sure how to use a green screen?

I promise using a green screen is easier than it sounds! I created a cheat sheet with tips, tricks, and step by step directions on how to use a green screen. You can download it for FREE by joining my email list. Check out the Green Screen Speech Therapy Facebook page for TONS of other creative ideas, tips, and how to’s.

Shapes I used…

I tried to get creative with shapes and silly objects to put on our pumpkin to make the activity last longer and provide students with more opportunities to request. I used…

  • squares
  • circles
  • triangles
  • starts
  • hearts
  • crescent shape for smile/frown
  • bows
  • glasses
  • mustache
  • hats
  • mouth with teeth
  • vampire mouth

How I used this activity to target speech goals:

Expanding MLU: I used the carrier phrases “put on_____”, “I want____”, “Take off____”

Requesting: I provided 2-4 choices depending on the student and the student requested which object/shape they wanted to add to their pumpkin. I also had them request what to take off when it was time to clean up.

Speech sounds:I targeted…

VC with on and off

CV with no, bow

CVC with put (on), take (off), hat

/p/ with “put on”

/m/ with more, make

/s/ with circle, square, sad (face)

s-blends with the words smile, start, stem, mustache, scary, spooky

multisyllabic words with glasses, mustache, triangle, circle, happy, bow tie, vampire (teeth)

You can always have the student say the target word before putting a piece on the pumpkin if you can’t think of a way to incorporate the target sound!

Basic concepts: shapes

Positional concepts: To be silly I placed the nose, mouth, eye, hat somewhere it doesn’t belong and just waited for the student to say something. This elicited A TON of language! Then I asked them where I should put the item under, on top, in the middle, next to, etc.

Object function: what do we do with our eyes, nose, mouth…

Vocabulary: shapes, body parts, parts of a pumpkin, colors

The finished product…

If you don’t have a green screen you could do this activity with a poster board behind you (with a pumpkin drawn or printed on the poster).

Leave a comment and let me know if you try this out and how your students liked it!

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