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Engaging iSpy Activity With a Magic Magnifying Glass

Here is an easy, fun, and engaging way to play iSpy virtually using the magic of a green screen!

How to:

  1. For this “green screen” activity it is important that you do not have a green screen behind you!
  2. Make your magnifying glass…I found one at the dollar store and I put green duct tape in the center (where you want the image to show up)
  3. Upload the iSpy image to zoom and set as green screen background. You will not see anything behind you
  4. Move your magic magnifying glass around and your image appear where the magnifying glass is
  5. For more specific instructions, tips, and tricks… join my email list to claim a FREE green screen cheat sheet or check out the Green Screen Speech Therapy Facebook group.

Halloween iSpy

Here is the image I used


  • Label vocabulary
  • Pronoun – “I”
  • Describing
  • /sp/ clusters “spy”
  • /st/ “stop”
  • /s/ “I see”
  • Requesting “stop, go, more”
  • CV “go”
  • wh- questions

I have my students say “go” and I move the magnifying glass around until they say “stop”. Then I have them label the picture/ answer a question related to their goals.

This can be done with any “virtual background” that you upload! Let me know what other themes/artic sounds you would like me to make in the comments!

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