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How to Target Language Processing Skills Using Google

I came up with this idea when working with middle school aged students that had language processing goals. I was working on categories with these students as well as describing. I wanted to work on their goals in a functional and meaningful way rather than just asking them to name what category a banana belonged to. Here is what I came up with…


  1. Go to google images (make sure explicit content is blocked-use safe search)
  2. Provide student with an item to describe
    1. baseball
    2. basketball
    3. football
    4. clouds

3. Tell them they get 3 chances to make all the google images the target item

4. Have them type in each attribute/description one at a time


Target word: Clouds

Student types:

Student types “white”

I explain…

“Yes, clouds are white, but we need more information because there are a lot of white things”.

Student types “white, fluffy”

I explain… “Yes, clouds are white and fluffy…but look at how many other things are white and fluffy. What is one more clue you can give so that we know you are talking about clouds and not any of these other white, fluffy things?”.

Student types “white, fluffy, in the sky”

I explain… “Yes! Those three clues were perfect, all the pictures are of clouds. I know exactly what you are talking about because you were specific. You told me about the color, what it looks like, and where you find them!”.

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