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Plan your Therapy Session Using the Cycles Approach

Cluster Reduction

Rule: Two sounds need to stick together

Visual: Two friends holding hands


Target word:Activity Ideas:Carrier Phrase:
hops/jumpsbook about bunny
game that pops out
“He ____”
“Lets see if he ____”
hoopsobstacle course with hula hoops“You are jumping through the___”
stopsany game you can turn on/off“It____”
“When I push the button it ____”
cupsmake a tower out of cups
trow balls/objects into cups
“I need more____”
“I am throwing it in the ___”


Target word:Activity Ideas:Carrier Phrase:
eatsany game with food (pop the pig)
pretend food(hide food around the room/
pretend to cook) pretend to feed animal
“He ____”
paintspaint“We are using lots of different____”
dotsdot paint“We are making lots of ____”
cutscraft where you have to cut “We are making lots of _____”


Target word:Activity Ideas:Carrier Phrase:
spinany game with a spinner“it is your turn to____”
spyiSpy“I____with my little eye…”
spendgame with money
play grocery store
hide pretend money around the room
“What do we do with money? We _____”
spongepaint with a sponge“You are dipping your_____”
“You are using a_____”


Target word:Activity Ideas:Carrier Phrase:
smashplay-doh“I am going to___”
smallalmost any book“This one is big this one is ___”
smellfill containers with different scents“We are going to guess the ____”
smoothbox with different objects in it“We are trying to find something___”

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