Must Have Products For Picky Eaters, Children with Restricted Diets, or Sensory Aversions

These products are all just SUGGESTIONS and things that may be helpful for your child. You do not need to purchase all or even ANY of these items. Each child is different and what one child needs another child may not. I wanted to create a place to list all of my recommendations in one spot for easy access.

A lot of these products may be foreign to you and you may not understand their purpose. Please reach out to me if you would like individualized help and recommendations for your child. I offer a FREE 8 week program to help picky eaters where I provide more information on these products, how I would use them and why along with LOTS of other information. If you are interested in the 8 week program click the link below to join the FB group. If you are looking for more specific and individualized help please fill out the google form and I will contact you.

Products to make interacting with food and mealtime a fun and positive experience:

Tools to help manage unwanted behaviors at mealtime:

Tools to help regulate your child’s sensory system and toys to expose your child to new sensory experiences in a fun way: